Monday, January 17, 2011

Recipe for a 5 Month Old Baby Gemma

I live with an amazing little girl named Gemma Therese. 

She's five months old, smart, chubby, happy, and she is SO cool. I have hoards of people constantly crowding around me, asking me, "CA, how can I get a baby like that?" (This mostly only happens in my head, but still, even imaginary fans deserve answers!) So I say to them, read my blog, I'll post the recipe soon. It's so simple, anyone can do it! So. Here's the recipe:

 Start with one fresh-from-the-oven newborn baby born on August 13th, 2010. Name her Gemma Therese. Then, each day, for five months:
- Give plenty of mother's milk, straight from the source
- Shower with a near-constant stream of hugs and kisses
- Keep clean with regular diaper changes and baths
- Make time every day for song singing, story telling, belly tickling, face making, and other entertaining frivolities
- Introduce baby to and see that she has plenty of playtime with friends, especially with Jesus

Carry out these activities with great care and dedication, ensuring it is all done in an environment of endless love, happy laughter, excellent music, and that classic Californian "chill" factor. (I know, she lives in Ohio, but she's genetically 50% Californian. Roots are important, people.)

And there ya have it, folks. My secret Gemma recipe, now yours to enjoy :)

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  1. That Pic of Gemma is so cute! I think I'm gonna give up on my baby tries so you can have one for me. I'll take anything.... I'll keep my eyes open in 9 months from tomorrow. Just J/K-ing... (lol) Love to the Rhoades Fam!


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