Welcome to my blog! My name is CA (I've always gone by my initials), I'm married to the greatest man ever, Rocky, and we have a beautiful, energetic, crazy smart daughter named Gemma who will be 2 this August. Originally, my hubs is from San Diego, and I'm from Syracuse; currently, we live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and absolutely love it here!

I'm a work from home mom and I am so grateful for the blessing to be able to raise my little Gem. I'm passionately Catholic and this molds the way I live my life more than any other aspect of who I am. I'm obsessed with all things food - cooking, baking, eating, trying new recipes, watching other people cook, eating some more, etc, etc. Expressing myself through writing is something I've found myself doing my entire life - it just comes very naturally to me. I enjoy photography, I speak a couple of languages, I like to teach and tutor, and I love playing board games. 

My husband and I have been making a pointed effort lately to simplify our lives by home-making anything and everything we can (laundry detergent, deodorant, bread, toys, etc.), moving towards organic, sustainable living, and removing from our home items that clutter space and distract us from our main goal in life: raising a happy, healthy, and most importantly, holy family. We're nowhere perfect, but trying a little harder every day, and that's what makes all the difference I think! :)

The Fam :)

   This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. 
If for any reason, you'd like to contact me, please email me at:
 rhoades dot car at gmail dot com
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