Monday, January 10, 2011

Chores with a Baby: Sorting Laundry

Okay Gemma...
I love you so much and I want to play with you too! But I have lots to do today, so here, play with some toys. ::Lays Gemma on back with various toys surrounding her. Walks to other side of the room to start sorting laundry.::

::Looks back over at Gemma. She has rolled over and somehow found an electrical cord to play with, ignoring all the soft, intricate, colorful toys specifically designed to stimulate the minds of infants.::
::Runs over and removes cord completely from Gemma's vicinity. Baby commences crying.::
Gemma... it's okay! That's not a toy though, that's not a baby Gemma toy. Here, play with this one!
::Pushes belly of a seahorse which then lights up and starts playing soft music. Gemma reaches for it and grabs on. Success. Back to the laundry sorting.::

::Gemma becomes bored almost instantly and begins fussing.::
::Picks baby up and sets on lap while continuing the sorting. Baby squirms out of lap. Lays baby back down on blanket to play. Continues the sorting. Moment of eery silence followed by ear-splitting scream of protest.::
Okay, okayyyy sweet-pea! I know you don't want to be set down, I'm sorry! ::Runs over and picks Gemma back up and rocks for a few minutes to calm down. Finishes sorting with one hand.:: 

::Takes baby into living room to nurse before even attempting to go to the laundry room. Writes blog post to chronicle the amazingly entertaining details of this weeks edition of Chores with a Baby.::

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1 comment:

  1. Hahaha so true. She sure loves her Mama. :)

    Elijah was usually perfectly content with sitting by himself and doing his own thing... AJ on the other hand... oh man, he was the hold-me-all-the-time kid. I feel your pain!


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