Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This Post is About Poo

I just wanted to throw that right out there in case anyone has a weak stomach and can't handle the potty talk.

Anyway, Gemma is not even 18 months old yet, but I'm already considering potty training her. Or at least starting to entertain the idea of it. But, CA, why do you feel such a desire? Surely your child is too young.

Well, I see your point, but I also see Gemma's poop. Let me clarify. I started my day today by cleaning poop off the carpet, yes, carpet. You see, my wild lovely child like to take her diaper off and then do her business. And she has an uncanny knack for then walking through her business once she's finished. It's horrific and happens more often than can possible be acceptable.

So clearly, she is aware of when it's time to go numero dos. I've even picked her up mid-pooping-on-the-floor-antic, and rushed her to the toilet to catch some or (on a good day) most of her crap. Small victories, yes, but I'm looking for a greater glory. You know of what I speak. Diaper free days, a confident and independent pooper, happily using the potty on cue every time... in short, a fully potty-trained toddler.

Maybe I'm a crazy daydreamer! What do you all think? Is she too young to start potty training? My gut says she could probably handle it. In the meantime, any tips on how to handle her poo on the carpet shenanigans?


  1. captain crunch + reading about gemma pooping on the carpet = best breakfast ever.

    Go for it CA! From what I read she is wildly smart, I'm sure she will pick it u :) And if it doesn't work, it doesn't work yet. But no harm in trying!

  2. Hahahah! I totally read this while eating my lunch!! Didn't gross me out but definitely had my laughing at Gemma's antics. Good thing she is so cute! I bet that carries you through the gross days :)

  3. Everyone says you can potty train as soon as they start acting like they're ready. Maybe she takes off her diaper to go because she sees that mommy takes off their pants to go? (We all know children don't know the meaning of a closed bathroom door.)

  4. When we took our Catholic Marriage Preparation course, we discussed parenting, etc. Our retreat leaders actually gave us the suggestion to use DUCT TAPE in this scenario. Over top of the diaper tabs.

    It works. Just sayin.

  5. CA - we're in the middle of potty training too...and I've definitely been sat on by a toddler with a poopy butt! I get it :) Motherhood ain't always cute. I say go for it, and keep us posted on progress! Way to go, Gemma!

  6. Hey...I've often considered "hiring out" I dread it so much. but my sister-in-law just did a fabulous post all about it. (she has 5 girls). Hope it can offer some help :)

    Blessings, Maria


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