Thursday, January 5, 2012

Big Sister Training :)

This week I started my new job - nannying my next door neighbor's baby during the day since she had to go back to work. It's only a few days in, so we're still adjusting but all I can say is praise God this is literally the world's easiest baby!! She sleeps a bunch, eats like a champ, chills out wherever I put her, and smiles every single time I come over to her. So stinkin cute.

Gemma is working on the transition as well, as you can imagine. She's slowly learning that this is a real, live person, not another baby doll! She's also working on her boundaries... as you can see sometimes a tangible boundary is necessary, especially when Baby M is sleeping!!

Baby M asleep, being protected by the gate from curious little hands!
It's so cute though to watch Gemma be so fascinated by this new little person. And I have to say, it's like the ideal training for her if/when we add another sibling to our family (which, of course, we're always hopeful and open to!). She gets to gradually acclimate to having someone else vying for Mommy's attention, and also learn little ways to be Mommy's helper. She is SO gonna me my right-hand woman, there is no doubt about that! :)

For those of you who have been through this (adding a new baby - whether sibling or charge - to your house), any tips? Specifically on how to teach GENTLE touching?!

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