Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Milestone: Crawling!!!

That's right folks, you read correctly: Gemma is now crawling. After about a month and a half of practicing various baby yoga poses, pushing herself backwards, and then crawling backwards quite successfully, she at last figured out how to do the official forward crawl!

Here she is, getting buff and practicing her moves:
Workin' on her guns
Downward-facing Dog
Cow Pose

Aaaaalmost crawling!

And then, at long last, she did it!

Now, it's been just two short days that she's been crawling now, and already I've had to take some much more serious baby-proofing measures around here. Despite my efforts, she still manages to find the exact things she shouldn't and swiftly gets to work on ruining those things. Or attempting to eat them. Yesterday I looked over and she was happily chewing on something, which I discovered upon retrieval was a fragment of padded envelope. Where she got it? No clue. She sure was mad when I took it away though. But then she saw some wires calling her name and away she crawled.

The weather seems like it's slowly trying to become nicer more permanently... there are even buds all over the trees outside my window right now. So hopefully we'll be able to get to some parks soon where she can crawl around to her heart's content without my having to worry about wires and bags and ribbons and paper finding their way into her mouth. Sure she may eat some dirt or worms or something but heck, I'll just chalk it up to some extra minerals and protein! Good for her, right?


  1. This could definitely brighten anybody's day! What a beautiful little baby!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Lexie Lane

    P.S. When you get a chance, please come and sign up (free of course) and join our moms on our community!

  2. Oh goodness I just love her!! Are you guys planning a trip to California sometime soon? I wish we could afford to fly out and visit YOU GUYS! Some day, some day... may not be for another 4 years... but some day... lol

    OH yeah, and you'll love letting her crawl at the park! Eating dirt is the best. AJ still loves and he's 2.5 years old! Oy! I love that the minute they learn to crawl they discover all the naughty things!! Elijah never crawled (Well, not until AFTER he walked) so I got to skip over that... but boy AJ was the opposite! Once he crawled it was ultimate baby proofing time! His favorite no-no item was taking my nasty, funky, dirty old flip flop covered in dirt and germs and chewing on it. NO matter where I'd hide them he'd find them!!!

  3. Lexie - thanks!! Heading over to your site now :)

  4. Marlana!! Too funny about the flip flop hahah. That's how Gemma is with paper. I swear. I do everything in my power to keep all the paper out of her reach but somehow I always look over to find her chewing away on some random piece of paper! Cracks me up!

  5. Yay, the fun begins. I love seeing children develop! Very cool. I am in from bloggy moms, I am Columbus Ohio. I am following you! Bree

  6. Hello there! I am three entry's up from you on new to bloggy moms! Your little girl is adorable! I have a 14 month old and a 11 year old. I am new to blogging, never done twitter (it intimates and overwhelms me lol) and I am new to being a SAHM, I quit my NICU RN job back in September to be home with our kids. My blog is www.thisfrugalfamily.blogspot.com and my other blog is www.princessandmypeaboutique.blogspot.com (it goes to my etsy store www.princessandmypea.etsy.com)

  7. Bree! Thanks so much! It really is so fun to see her growing up and learning new things :)
    Angela, thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you've been loving SAHM life thus far!

    Hope you ladies enjoy my blog. Can't wait to check out yours!

  8. I'm thinkin potential candidate for the 2030 US Olympic Team! Track and Field-Crawling Event! She sure is a cutie!


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