Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gemma's 6 Month Update... A Month Late

I truly cannot believe I am sitting here writing this 6 month update on Gemma... and it's a month late! That's right, Gemma will be 7 months old THIS Sunday!! Can you believe it? Ah, I am just so amazed at how quickly it's all going.

So, logistically speaking, she is now 16lbs, 2oz. 26 in. long. I don't remember what they said her head circumference is, but does anybody really get excited about that? And now for her list of favorite activities:

Sitting (and playing with anything within her reach)
Learning to crawl (more on this later, including her favorite baby yoga poses!)
Experimenting with big people food (also more on this later)
Teething (well, she doesn't actually enjoy this particular activity, but it's happening - we should see her two bottom teeth soon!)
Skyping with friends and family (though she freezes up a little and just kind of stares at the screen)
Nursing (as usual. she is in that lovely easily-distracted phase though - not so fun for Mom)
Babbling like crazy (including the ever-popular 'mama' and 'dada')
Trying to play exclusively with things that are not toys (ie, shoelaces, Mom's cell phone, the computer, anything plastic, paper bags, Mom's hair, etc. although she still has a deep love for mr. duckie)
Bathtime (mostly because of her deep love for mr. duckie)
Jumping in her jumperoo (video to come)
Reading (well, being read to - if we're going to be technical)
And in her spare time, she's picked up the piano:

Getting ready to compose her first masterpiece
It was beautiful. You should have heard it.


  1. i love this lil baby. She is a great piano player too might i add

  2. I watched the video in the jumperoo and couldn't get over how chatty she is!

    I thought she was going to weigh more than 16 lbs! Must be the cute chunky baby cheeks she has that deceived me! :) (I know AJ was a huge chunkster. I think he was like 18-19 lbs, maaaybe even 20 at 6 months... lol! big old boy)


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