Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite of the Day: Smiles and Giggles

Words can't describe the joy a baby's smile bring the world. Words can't describe how much more you fall in love with your baby every time her face transforms into that huge heart-melting grin. Words can't describe the happiness that fills you when the room is filled with the sound of your baby's laughter. So, I won't even try to describe it! I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

She loves that little cardboard book :)
She loves her humungo teddy too!
Side smirk ;)

And here is a video of Gemma giggling away with Daddy. Sorry it's so dark!! I don't really know how to fix that.. I'm not the best at video recording haha. Oh well, the sound is all that really matters anyway!

Anyway, I hope my little one's smile brought a smile to your face! Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Her smile lights up the page! And I am sure your day as well!

  2. Your daughter is just adorable! Thank you for finding my blog and following. I am following back now and can't wait to read through your blog!


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