Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favorite of the Day: Sleepy Time

Let's face it, there's just nothing more amazing than a sleeping baby. Why do I love a sleeping Gemma? Where do I start?

Back when she was only about 2 weeks old!
First of all, she's absolutely, breathtakingly adorable when she's sleeping. Her little hands curled into tiny, relaxed fists. Her breath steady and subtle, making her chest move gently up and down. Her eyes moving around beneath her beautifully lashed lids she got from her daddy. I just love it! I could watch her all day.
But, this lady's got things to do! Which leads me to my next question...

2 Months!
About a Month!

What else do I love about sleepy time? Well, for one, I actually have two free hands with which to type this blog. And wash dishes. And unpack from the Christmas trip we've been back from for three days now. 
I also love taking picture of Gemma sleeping. She's the perfect subject when she's just lying there, still, looking gorgeous. Lastly, I love to dream about what it is she's dreaming about.

My little 4 month old dreamer!

I assume babies dream about the things that they see and experience throughout the day. So in Gemma's case I'd say she is currently dreaming about teddy bears, light-up sea creatures, boobies, water, bubbles, mommy's and daddy's faces, little purple lamb blankie, and angels (I am convinced she can see her angels! She's always looking off into the corner of the room and giggling!), all to the soundtrack of Jingle Bells and the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

I have no way of ever knowing if that's truly what goes on in her baby brain while she dozes off, but I sure wouldn't mind having a dream or two like that myself. Unfortunately for me, one has to actually SLEEP in order to have dreams. Someday, someday...

She slept through her whole Baptism! (She was 5 weeks old here)

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  1. Our lil baby is so beautiful and your photography is as well! She is so precious, i think might sleep too much. maybe it is because her dreams are soo good

  2. Blasphemy to say your baby can sleep too much... ;)

    Although, I come from a background of two little boys who were terrible sleepers... between Elijah and whooping cough and asthma, and AJ and his reflux disease... baby sleep was rare!

    The one nap a day thing now works great for them. Ahhh wonderful nap time... I'm enjoying the silence right now. :)

    I'm still waititng for my "someday" of sleep. Have Gemma come teach 2 year old AJ how to sleep! He still won't sleep through the night!!!


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