Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Favorite of the Day: The Laugh-Cry

I've been putting off writing my next blog post recently, because for awhile now, I've been wanting to write a "My Favorite Things" post, highlighting all my favorite things that Gemma does. The problem is, almost every day, she comes up with a new one! So, I've decided to start a series, cleverly entitled, "Favorite of the Day". As a personal challenge, I will try to write a post each day, but we all know how crazy life can get, so I may miss a day here or there.

Onto the topic at hand. My favorite of the day is something Gemma has been doing for a few weeks now. I call it the "laugh-cry" and it's awesome. One of the most entertaining things about babies is that every moment is something new and exciting to them, leading to an overall state of amused bewilderment with the world around them. In short, they don't know what's going on. Mommy does something ridiculous and baby laughs. Then baby hears herself laughing, and finds the sound to be hilarious! She laughs more heartily. By this point, she doesn't even know why she's laughing; she just likes to do it. Then she looks at Mommy, who is laughing and clapping with joy at her baby's state of jubilation, and baby finds this to be altogether pleasurable, so she laughs at Mommy some more. Then she hears herself laughing again! How hysterical this sound that is coming from her! It's all so blissful until the moment she realizes she would rather be in Mommy's arms right now.

At this time, ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce you to, the famous Laugh-Cry. In order to best represent how it works, let's illustrate it from Gemma's point of view.
Look at Mommy's silly face. It's so funny, she makes me laugh! Oooh! This laughter sound is amazing! It makes me laugh even harder. And I love when Mommy claps. She's so great. Wait a minute, that's Mommy. Pick me up, Mommy! Nooo, Don't make faces, pick me up!! Oh, that felt funny on my belly! And laughing is so fun!! But I want you to pick me uuuup, Mommy! Mmmm, maybe all this growling will make you realize!
Funny face. Laugh. Silly sound, so funny. Pick me up. Noww, uuuugh. Mommyyyyy, grrrr. Oh. That's a funny face too! Pick me up! Cry. Laugh. Cry. Laugh. ... Confusion. Amusement. Laugh-cry.

Greatest. Thing. Ever.
I will catch it on video someday soon, so I can share the splendor of it all with everyone.

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