Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gemma - 15 months old?!?!

I can't believe how time is flying! My baby girl is already 15 months old (tomorrow) and every day she amazes me with something new.

Here's a quick list of her latest favorite activities:
- "Cook" with Mama aka stir a wooden spoon around an empty pot in the kitchen while I make dinner
- Play with Mama's cell phone and send random nonsensical texts to all my contacts (this is especially funny when it's someone I haven't talked to in months!)
- Dance (must. post. video. it is so adorable!)
- Eat! (apples, animal crackers, cottage cheese, pretzels, bread, pasta, pita, bagels, melon, carrots, beans, etc. and the occasional bites of Mommy's cookies and/or ice cream)
- Sit in Mommy or Daddy's lap and read books
- Chase or be chased all around the house
- Give kisses to Mommy and Daddy
- Imitate animal noises (especially doggies and lions)
- Master new signs. The ones she has down are: More, Milk, Thank You, Cracker.
Still working on: Like, Mommy, Daddy, Outside
- Master new words: Mama, Daddy, Thank You, Doggie, Yummm, Uh-Oh!, Yayyy, Hi, Bye
- Take off her own diaper (nooooot fun for Mom and Dad! haha)
- Run around naked
- Still in love with Bathtime - has been since birth!
- Build block towers and crash them down
- Give hugs and kisses to her Snuggle Bear and Baby Doll
- Explore and run around outside
- Blow kisses
- Climb (up stairs, onto chairs, onto tables, out of her high chairs, out of the shopping carts, onto bookshelves, etc. Point is, we have a little gymnast on our hands!)
- Be silly
- Smile and laugh at everything
- Wave to every person she ever sees anywhere (she's very friendly)

I just love this little girl so much!
Warning - picture overload! Also, sorry for some of the blurry shots - had to get the block tower building in action! Oh, and for the record - she was gnawing on this apple with her one and only tooth! So cute :)


  1. Oh GEMMA!! You are wayyyy too cute!! I love all the pics!!!! 15 Mos!??! Seriously where has the time gone!! INSANE!!! XOXO

  2. such a sweetie pie!!! She looks like she's having all sorts of fun! What a cutie!! God bless her!


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