Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

I've just had a few thoughts floating around my mind as we head into Valentine's Day weekend. I know the day is not really until Monday, but I figure, most people will be celebrating it this weekend.

First of all, to all the haters and naysayers who despise Valentine's Day on the sole basis that "it's just a stupid day Hallmark invented to make money" or "I/We don't need just one day out of the year to say we love each other, we do that every day", I say, knock the hate people. Where's the love?? If you don't want to support Hallmark, don't. I'll be making my husband a homemade, from-the-heart Valentine card this year. And of course couples show each other love every day (or they surely should!), but honestly, and maybe this is just me, but I relish in any little reason to get dressed up and have a nice date night, ya know? Who's with me on this? 

Ahhh, wedding memories :)

Now, do I measure the level of my husband's love for me on how perfectly he crafts our Valentine's date? No. Do I place the worth of our love on what a beautiful gift he buys me for Valentine's? No. Will I love him just as much if he even (gasp!) forgets all about Valentine's Day and does nothing whatsoever to celebrate it? Of course. But will I totally enjoy an evening where I get to play dress up, feel belly butterflies, and toast my husband to the amazing love we share? Absolutely. Is that such a crime? I think not.

So am I excited for Valentine's Day? Sure am. From what little Rocky has told me, we're actually celebrating part 1 of our date tonight! All I know is I was told to dress pretty, and we're going out. And yes, we will be bringing Gemma! I had someone question me in this. They hinted that maybe we wouldn't be able to feel as romantic with her around. I couldn't disagree more. When I look over at our beautiful baby, I am filled with love for my husband. We, with God, created that child out of our love, and seeing her fills my heart with love and romance! Also, we can't leave her out of the celebrations this weekend, because she will be having her half-birthday on Sunday!! :)

One last thing to leave you with. This was a very cute article for all you married ladies out there! Happy Valentine's everyone! Hope you're feelin' the love!

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