Thursday, February 17, 2011

Small Successes Thursday!


So far this week, I have:

1. Other than to watch a movie with the hubby last night, I haven't turned on the TV once this whole week! It feels SO great to not be a slaaaave to the tube.

2. I made a commitment to my best friend, Jaime, for a spiritual revamp, where we send each other a prayer every day. So far, so good!

3. I finally, finally, started to sort through the crazy clutter black hole of a room that is Gemma's room! Closet is looking way better, now onto storing away her last clothing size and filling her drawers with her current size!


  1. Aaaahhh...the never ending process of weeding out the clothes that no longer fit and moving in the next size up. Good luck with it! I feel like I do it once a week!

  2. Haha thanks!! I know, I neglected it waaay too long and now I'm buried! Se la vie... I'll get through it one day at a time :)

  3. I hope you are saving some of her NB clothes ;) yay for your successes! <3 you tons!


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