Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Easter and a Look at Our Holy Week Project

Happy Easter, y'all!!! So happy to be Catholic so we can keep on celebrating Easter for several weeks, not just one day. It's Easter all the way till Pentecost! So we are still partying over here in the Rhoades Casa. But before I get ahead of myself, I wanted to give you all a peek back at how we prepared for Easter. 

We fasted from television during Holy Week, which freed up a lot of time to read from the Bible with our girls and truly share the important elements of salvation history with them - the events that led to the glorious Paschal Mystery. 

One of the best parts of Holy Week for us was having a toddler-friendly Seder Meal! It was actually Avila's second birthday on Holy Thursday, so we treated her to lamb meatballs, hummus and pita bread - some of her favorite foods in the world! I am *kicking* myself for forgetting to take pictures of our Passover spread because it was really awesome. We explained to the girls (and our dinner guests) some of the simpler aspects of what happens during a Jewish Passover meal, and more specifically what happened during the Last Supper. I used this post from Little Bit of Paradise as my reference for our toddler-friendly Seder. 

Along with looking through salvation history, we also took a walk through the week that led to the very first Easter. Using this awesome Holy Week calendar as our guide, we were able to share the events with our girls in a simple and engaging way. I got the idea from The Domestic Notebook and we sort of made it our own and had a lot of fun with it! Here's what our finished calendar ended up looking like:

I decided to laminate the basic framework of the calendar itself so that it can be reused each year, and we can focus on different aspects of Holy Week as the girls grow in understanding. :)

Hope you had a wonderful, fruitful Lent and Holy Week and are now basking in Easter Joy like us!

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