Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court's "Ruling" on Obamacare

So as not to incite a full-on Facebook riot, I decided to post about this on my personal blog where I can say anything I want weeeeeee!!!!!

So the Supreme Court ruling about Obamacare just came out and there is still a lot of sorting out to do. Of course nothing can be cut and dry in this great nation anymore. I swear, it's like our government loves to watch us all debate each other until our eyeballs bleed. They also love to tax us apparently.

I'm terrible at understanding legal stuff, and since this is still so early on, I'm not going to be able to speak with much clarity on the issue. But the good news is, so far, it seems like no one can speak with much clarity on the issue! So in order to ensure that you are as confused and enraged as I am, here's a smattering of Twitter, Facebook, and combox snippets I've read for your ruminating pleasure:

"So they decided a tax for all that free care bankrupting the healthcare system is ok. And a credit is provided if you have your own insurance. Sounds like a justified idea."

"So will this now be called the biggest tax in the history of America? So Obama now is the utlimate Tax and Spend Liberal?"

"Dow going down...a vote of NO confidence in the taxes in Obamacare re. the future of the economy."

"So our gov-ment can make us do anything as long as they call it a tax? "

"Wait, can someone please explain just what exactly IS the difference between a "penalty" and a "tax"?? Oh wait... apparently there is no difference anymore..."

"America now knows it was lied to. It is a tax."    

"America has won today. But we still have a long way to go to be the greatest country in the world again."
"Can't wait to hear Obama admit he lied to us. I'm sure he'll come up with some flourished mumbo-jumbo and completely avoid the financial hell-hole he's dug us into like he always does."

 "It is perhaps true that the taxing power is broader than the commerce power...problem there is that the bill supporters denied it was a tax... few if any courts of appeals have considered it to be a tax."

"Bait and switch."

"The court has ruled Obamacare is a tax. Obama can never escape the tax-hiker label now. The biggest tax increase in history." 

"Whoooo's excited to start paying a 2.5%  federal taxation of your Gross Income every year??? Woohoo! I was beginning to wonder what I was going to do with all that extra money I have lying around..."

"Guys, this decision has some redeeming qualities on the commerce clause side."
"Obama Administration: "This is absolutely not a tax!" Supreme Court: "It's not valid if it's not a tax. I'm sure you meant to say that it is." "

"The poor will be given tax-payer money to pay their "tax". " 

"You pay tax. You get service. And so do your fellow citizens. It's called social democratic government. "   

"My family left Cuba for what? To be followed here by socialists? I fear for the future of our nation and our daughter. I'm depressed :( How could they rule this monster constitutional? They've opened Pandora's box. "

"I go to a hospital. No insurance. What happens? Fine? Or is everyone covered regardless? How the heck does this law work?"

"Sure am glad I can rely on the federal government now to tell me what to buy and how to live. Time to go off the grid."

 "I wish people would stop saying that there is some redeeming quality in the commerc clause decision...there is NONE....if they tax you as a penalty for not doing what they deem you should's ok....their power is now unlimited... Thanks Mr. Chief Justice...please resign now."

"Look the problem is not the Decision, but the justification for the decision...its flawed"

"Well I guess we can still secede and try another go at a Constitutional Republic "

"That's it. Consider me the next official expat."


Uh-oh, Supreme Court... looks like you made a boo-boo. 

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