Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pinterest Link-Up!!

I know, I know. You're like "CA, we've all been on Pinterest for like, ever, and you're just NOW hoppin on this train?! And you call yourself a stay at home mom?! *scoooooffs*"

A criticism to which I would respond: "For starters, ahem, I'm a work from home mom, but let's not split hairs (especially considering my job is to watch another baby, aka, keep being a mom), and for middlers, NOBODY EVER INVITED ME TO PINTEREST ... until a few days before Chrismas, yo. So if you're appalled it took me this long to get on Pinterest, blame yourselves. And for enders, I'm on now, glued to the site like the rest of you addicts, and that's really all that matters anyway, sí?" :)

So to honor my latest and greatest addiction, I thought I'd host my first-ever LINK-UP!! A Pinterest Profile Link-Up :):):) I know there's been plenty of these linkups on various other blogs, most of which are exceedingly cooler and more popular than mine, but this linkup is alll mine and it's special, dagnabbit. So hopefully you're not too Pinterest-Profile-Linkup-ed out, because I realllllllly wanna follow more Pinners to feed my addiction. So even if you're so over this and could care less about finding new Pinners or gaining new Pinny followers, then I simply implore - nay, beg - you.... do it for me. Enable meeeeee. ;)

So, having said all that! All that's left to say is: you can follow ME on 
Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/carhoades/ 
Welcome to my first ever LINK-UP!!! 

Rules are super simple:
1. Click the Linky link below.
2. Add the deep link to your Pinterest profile page 
(format: http://pinterest.com/YOURUSERNAME) in the URL slot.
3. Be sure to write your Pinterest name in the title slot followed by (if you want) 
the title of your blog if you have one! (format: CA Rhoades @ candid catholic living)
4. Check out some new Pinners and follow away! :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by My Cloth Diaper Stash!! I am your newest follower!! I just applied to get into pintrest, so when I do, I will come back and link up!!

    Have a Blessed Day

  2. Not sure how this works, but it sounds fun!

  3. We're already linked on Pinterest - which is obviously my favorite thing ever. Finally, a way to organize all the recipes I kind of want to try, but don't want to print out and commit to yet!

  4. Julie - yay!! I hope you do!

    Emily - well, basically, once there are more people on the roll, you get to just browse other Pinterest users' boards, follow what you like and they can do the same with yours, just by clicking on your thumbnail! :)

  5. Haha Liz - sooo true, what a fantastic site. Feel free to add yourself to the roll anyway so other peeps can find your boards and follow :)


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