Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mother of Jesus, Mother of All

A simple prayer on a gloomy, gray day.

Hail, White Lily of the ever peaceful and glorious Trinity! 
Hail Vermilion Rose, the Delight of Heaven, of whom, the King of Heaven was born, and by whose milk He was nourished! Do thou forever feed our souls by the effusions of your divine influences.

Libraries could be filled with the many, many books, prayers, articles, textbooks, etc. that have been written on the topic of the Blessed Mother. So when I sit here, thinking of something meaningful to contribute, I feel utterly intimidated. There's nothing I can say of Our Lady that hasn't already been said ten times more eloquently. I can only speak of my personal relationship with her.

In the past, and even sometimes still, it can be easy for me to throw Mary to the wayside. Not intentional, just all too easy. In the little time I make for myself to pray at all, I usually tend to go straight to the source, so to speak. In such limited time, I think it must be best for me to just say hi to Jesus really quickly, thank Him for being awesome, and then ask for a few things I need. But this rudimentary approach to prayer is just the tip of the iceberg in a life of holiness.

Now, surely, a brief prayer during a busy day is better than no prayer at all. However, I know that I can go so much deeper. Not only can and should I be making more time for prayer, I can and should be seeking meaningful prayer. And it is at this point that I can truly say, my spiritual life has been strongest when I am clinging to Our Lady. I think of the classic bumper sticker: "No Mary, No Jesus. Know Mary, Know Jesus." And as lame as little catchphrases can be, they can also be so true!!

I think it is particularly wise as a woman, a wife, a mother, to look to Mary, who modeled for us the perfect life of a woman, wife, and mother. We can become so easily distracted, distressed, discouraged in our day-to-day lives, because yes, our lives are craaaazy! But our Savior, the Prince of Peace, came to us that we might also have peace, and he came to us through this sweet and gentle woman, Mary. 
Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mother of All.

It's common in the Mommy Blogosphere to talk about all the awesome "supermoms" out there, but let's always remember sweet Mary, the number one Supermom! So whether you already have a strong devotion to Our Lady, or have never really given her much thought, I challenge you to get to know her better. She will bless you, love you, and guide you closer to Jesus than you've ever been.

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