Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gemma's First Christmas

For Christmas this year, we were so blessed to have a safe trip to Syracuse, NY, to spend the holiday with my family (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and the one and only, Nana). 
First of all, the Lord was having mercy on us, and blessed us with the miracle of a sleeping baby for almost the entire drive there AND back. Seriously, she was an angel. And he continued to shower us with gifts while we were in Syracuse. You hear it over and over again, but there really is nothing more special than great family memories. We made so many this Christmas.

We feasted like kings the entire time we were there. I think it was my sister that at some point on Christmas day said "I don't know what it is, but our food just tastes the best." Haha! I'm sure a lot of people feel this way about the home-cooked family foods they grew up on, but I could scream it from the rooftops! I mean, I have spent holidays with in-laws, and shared many a meal with many a family. Now, their food has been good, even some of it quite great, but I am telling you, "our" food (that being the holiday food I've grown up on) really and truly IS the best food ever.

We played games. Oh, the games. For those of you who may not know this about me or my family, games are pretty much the highlight of our lives. I'm not talking about just any old games either. I'm talking about the ULTIMATE games of sheer creative energy. Our all-time favorite game is Liebrary. And this year, Rocky and I made the daring move of introducing a new game! This can be very risky in our family, because you really only get one shot at it, and if it doesn't go over, it will never be played again! Haha. Anyway, the game was The Origin of Expressions and it was AWESOME! If you haven't heard of either of those games, and you're into creative, think games, check them out. You will seriously love them. (As far as boardgames go, I also love Sniglets, Balderdash, Scattergories, and of course, Scrabble).

Anyay, back to Christmas... we also received so many amazing gifts!! I was overwhelmed! Highlights include: tons of children's books to read to Gemma, including The Night Before Christmas read by my parents so Gemma can always hear their voices, an ice cream/yogurt maker!!, our very own Liebrary, and [drumroll please...................] ALL THE WEDDING PHOTOS!!! Yes, Rocky and I got married a year and a half ago, and yes, after LOTS of drama, we are just now getting our pictures, thanks to my rockstar Mom. It's a long story, for another time... I feel so loved and so grateful for everything we got this year (don't worry Mom, thank you cards are in progress).

Most of all, the greatest thing about our Christmas trip was just being surrounded by so much love. Love for and from my family, and my friends that I was able to spend time with, love for food and games and laughter, and above all, love for so great a Savior, who chose to come to us as a baby. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for loving us more than we will ever know. 

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip:

The generations shot :)

Happy baby in her Christmas dress after Mass!

Mmm... food...

Christmas morning - action shot

Baby's first Christmas!

All Christmas-ed out

Aunt Mae and a sleeping Gemma

Pie. Me, oh my, I love pie.

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  1. Is it just me, or does Gemma look SO much like Rocky?!

  2. Gemma does look SO much like Rocky! I love seeing how happy you all are =D

  3. haha ohhh yes, she is definitely her daddy's daughter!


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